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Electric Motor Coil Company

The Electric Motor Coil Company (EMCC) is a proven industry leader in manufacturing Motor Coils, Generator Coils, Commutators and Slip Rings. Our products are sold to OEM’s and aftermarket winding / motor repair customers worldwide. EMCC operates out of a 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory with a fully equipped testing laboratory on site. EMCC has automotive industry type strengths; such as low-cost coil manufacturing, high-value engineering, labor efficiency models, design implementation, and automated processes. We have a highly skilled and experienced workforce combined with a proven manufacturing methodology - designed to reduce cost, raise quality, and ensure on-time delivery. We have extensive capabilities spanning a large variety of applications. We are committed to finishing every project on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality. We offer the responsive services that you would expect from a world-class coil supplier.

Our Innovation & The Value It Offers

EMCC is focused on operational excellence, reducing lead times, and increasing profitability for our clients. We produce the highest quality product at a competitive price. We are a best-in-class facility and continuously strive to improve upon that. We pride ourselves on having the most innovative and automated coil manufacturing equipment in the world. With 3D modelling software, programmers, in-house engineers, and fabricators, we can design and develop automated lines and machinery. This allows EMCC to bring automated coil manufacturing technology to any OEM custom coil. We don’t have to adapt off the shelf equipment to do the job. For our customers, this automation keeps pricing competitive, speeds up turn-around times, and guarantees quality by reducing manual labour.
  • Manufacturing & Re-engineering of Both Coils and Commutators
  • Extensive Range of Coil and Commutator Type and Size Capabilities
  • Supply of Complete Winding Kits
  • Automated Coil Manufacturing for any OEM Custom Coil
  • Quality Standards Controlled to ISO 9001:2015
  • Advanced Measurement and Testing Technology
  • Supply Chain Traceability
  • Knowledgeable Technical Support Staff
  • Cutting Edge Process Technology and Innovation
  • Solutions For Un-Planned Down Time as Well as Planned Outages
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Service
  • If Our Customers Need It, EMCC Can Build It.
Management Practices
Our Values
Quality Assurance

Management Practices
* Lean manufacturing initiatives
* Dedication to enhancing efficiencies, such as SCADA feedback machinery – “Visual Factory”
* Fiscal approaches to minimize operational costs
* Committed resources applied to numerous research and development projects
* Commitment to fostering long-term OEM partnerships that enhance product quality & customer prosperity
* Stewardship and management practices including “pay for performance” model to EMCC employees
* EMCC recruits, develops, and retains the best talent
* We look for any opportunity to adapt high-value innovations

Go Above & Beyond
We strive to meet more than just the minimum. Quality, Service, Price – We exceed expectations and continuously go above and beyond.

Industry Leaders
Innovation, traceability, accountability, and flexibility – EMCC is relentless in its pursuit of continuous improvement. We are early adopters, if there is a practice or process that can improve our company, we will adopt it. Our performance helps our winding customers look good, and everyone succeeds.

Honesty & Good Communication
Status updates, suggestions for improvement, winder preferences – The better we communicate and keep our customers informed, the more value we can offer. Good news or bad news, we are upfront, honest, and committed to achieving a successful outcome.

* EMCC is registered through ISO 9001:2015
* Dedication to quality is built into the culture of our company

* Orders for all products accompanied by process documents
* Manufacturing in compliance with quality procedures and manuals
* Every coil has a process document that travels with the coil through each manufacturing operation
* Material traceability is complete with every order
* Dimensional checks are conducted throughout the production process
* QC stop/checkpoints during the entire manufacturing process

To ensure the highest quality, each coil undergoes a strict quality control process from pre-production to final shipping. Equipped with the latest instrumentation, tools, and sophisticated test equipment, our Q.C./Q.A. department is capable of accurately sampling, inspecting, and testing components to assure that they conform to OEM defined specifications.

At EMCC, we pride ourselves on our forward-thinking approach and commitment to continuous innovation and improvement. Quality standards, increased productivity, product reliability, value, and customer satisfaction are the foundation upon which all decisions are made. For the end-user, this translates to equipment that runs longer and more reliably with a lower operating cost.

At EMCC, we have the most effective coil automation in the world. Whether OEM or aftermarket supplier, our process and machinery are superior. EMCC automation includes multiple: cut and strip lines, CNC 6 axis tapers, automated flat coil-tapping, automated component shearing, automated stamping, automated coil forming and automated inspection.

EMCC subjects all its products to rigorous and extensive testing that is higher than industry standards, ensuring the highest quality product is delivered, and that customers remain satisfied with the high level of service and quality.

Performed to verify the electrical insulation in finished parts. Hipot test/Bar to Bar test verifies that the insulation of this product is sufficient to ensure minimal current leakage that can affect the overall performance of the commutators.

* 100% Testing on all Coils – Higher Than Industry Standards – Guaranteed Quality & Reliability – Every Time
* Surge, Hipot and Endurance Testing Equipment up to 100 kV

We can manufacture our products specific to your requirements or specifications. We can reverse engineer or suggest upgrades. For large volume orders, we can build automated machinery and create the processes necessary to ensure quality, delivery, and competitive costing.


• The Electric Motor Coil Company is focused on minimizing the impacts of its energy consumption, developing greener
transportation, and reducing
waste & material consumption
• Ensuring the safe handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of all dangerous goods, wastes and hazardous materials
• Ongoing audits ensure EMCC is following the most stringent environmental policies to protect our communities


• All EMCC processes are completed with environmental conscientiousness and responsibility
• EMCC identifies risks to the environment in line with ISO 14001 guidelines
• Established companywide environmental management system


• EMCC promotes an environmentally friendly culture through education and communication to staff, customers, and the surrounding community
• Committing to the integration of environmental management systems across all business segments
• Preventative actions are implemented before problems arise to ensure a lasting impact on our processes