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Coils That Outperform

EMCC is a single source supplier for all coil needs
The Electric Motor Coil company manufactures coils specifically for winding repair shops and large volume OEM customers. We also have an in-house winding department capable of high-volume winding and repairs. EMCC has created dedicated tooling molds made out of steel rather than plywood to guarantee consistency and accuracy across every coil. Large scale automated manufacturing processes, combined with duplicate production machines, ensures uninterrupted delivery of coils to both large volume OEM's and "one-off" coil customers alike.
  • Quality Control & Traceability
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Service
  • Every Coil Is 100% Tested
  • Automated Manufacturing Process
  • Fastest Turn Around Times
  • On-time Deliveries - Shipped Globally
  • OEM's, Rewind Shops & End Users
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Most Economically Competitive
  • Extensive Wire Inventory
  • Perfectly Fitting Coils - Guaranteed
  • Same Day Quoting
  • Resin Rich & VPI Coils
  • Crease Free Automated Taping
Quality Assurance
Insulation Systems
Coil Management
In-House Machine Shop


EMCC exposes all products to rigorous and extensive testing above and beyond industry standards, resulting in the highest quality product delivered and complete customer satisfaction. Every Coil is 100% tested.

Performed to verify the electrical insulation in finished parts. The Hipot or Bar to Bar test verifies that the insulation of all products is sufficient, resulting in minimal current leakage.


* EMCC is registered through ISO 9001:2015

* All product orders are accompanied by process documents.
* Manufacturing in compliance with quality procedures and manuals.
* Process documents travel with every coil through each manufacturing stage.
* Material traceability is complete with every order.
* Dimensional verifications are conducted throughout the production process.
* QC stop/checkpoints during the entire manufacturing process.

To ensure the highest quality, each coil undergoes a strict quality control process from pre-production to final shipping. Equipped with the latest instrumentation, tools, and sophisticated test equipment, our Q.C./Q.A. department is capable of accurately sampling, inspecting, and testing components to verify they conform to OEM defined specifications.


EMCC boasts the most advanced manufacturing facilities and testing equipment. We are constantly innovating to streamline productivity, adopt technological advances, eliminate waste, and pursue lower costing to meet evolving customer needs.

EMCC is focused on customer service and operational excellence. We are a best-in-class coil manufacturing facility with the fastest turn around times in the industry. In-house engineers, programmers, and fabricators help design and develop automated lines and machinery. We don’t have to adapt off the shelf equipment to do the job. For our customers, this automation keeps pricing competitive, speeds up turn around times, and guarantees quality by eliminating human error.


EMCC has multiple automated coil machines such as cut and strip lines, CNC 6-axis tapers, flat coil tapers, turn tapers, CNC component shearing, stamping, coil forming, and inspections.


* Class F Varnish Treated Coil System
* Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
* Class H Insulation Systems


Even the best-designed motors and generators have a lifespan, coils and commutators will eventually need to be replaced. EMCC has a stock of spare and replacement coils to reduce unscheduled operational downtime.

At EMCC, we offer our clients custom-tailored life-cycle management solutions. By working together, we help you plan and take action, limiting unplanned operational downtime.


* Off the Shelf – spare or replacement commutators
* Off the Shelf – replacement coils and winding kits
* Tailored solutions to our customers’ requirements

What challenges do your clients face? Give us a call – together we can help with increasing productivity, reducing supply chain bottlenecks, and lower motor maintenance costs.


EMCC has CNC mills, CNC lathes, plasma cutters, welders, and skilled machinists that allow us to build coil tooling that many other suppliers simply cannot replicate.