Winding Kits & AC/DC Winding Supplies

Decrease Your Turn-Around Time & Increase Your Bottom Line

At The Electric Motor Coil Company, we can supply you with everything you need to complete the job. From coils, commutators and slip rings that we manufacture in-house, to HV cables, and wedges – we can supply it all! For our regular order winding kits, we have all these items in stock, others can be custom made to your specific requirements.

Winding Kits Supplies Include:

  • Glimmerbänder
  • Slot Liners (Nomex, DMD)Finishing Tapes
  • Wedges
  • Winding Blocks
  • Formed Mica Felts
  • Slot Fillers (CNC Machine Cut)
  • R.T.D’s
  • Equalizers
  • Magnet Draht
  • Lead Wire
  • H.V Cables
  • Lashing & Surge Rope
  • Silicon Tape(Refrigerated)
  • Resin-Rich Fiberglass (Refrigerated)
  • B-Stage Tapes (Refrigerated)
  • Sleeving (CNC Machine Cut)
  • Surge Rope / Binding Twine
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