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Heavy Rail & Mass Transit

Coils, Commutators, & Winding Kits

Supply chain excellence matters. our Rail and transit customers expect paramount quality, price, and inventory optimization. Having too many, or too few traction coil sets can be detrimental to operation. Our flexibility and ability to meet rapid fulfillment orders on time has made us a valued supplier within this industry. 

Heavy Rail AC & DC Rail Traction Motors

EMCC has supplied coils to the aftermarket traction motor repair industry for over twenty-five years. Producing up to 70 coil sets at a time, EMCC consistently meets client needs with industry-leading delivery times. Built on a solid reputation for our quality, cost, and volume capabilities.

Streetcars, Subways & Lite Commuter Trains

The Electric Motor Coil Company has extensive experience in producing coils for the transit sector. We can support everything from traction or linear induction motors to small blower motors. Keeping part quality and volume at the right price.

Applications & Capabilities

EMCC can provide coils sets for EMD and GE traction motors: D29, 761, D31. Applications may include, DE Motor Fields, Interpole Coils and Armatures, Synchronous & Asynchronous Motors, Stators, and AC & DC Traction Motors. EMCC has the resources and facilities available on hand to manufacture high and low-volume coil sets at a moment’s notice. Comprehensive testing, class H insulating materials, and state-of-the-art machinery allow EMCC to provide the best possible product to its clients.
Kinear u=Industion Coils For Maglev - Manufacturer

Lineare Induktionsmotorspulen

Linear Induction Coils used Maglev shuttle system that runs from airport terminals

Sectors We Serve

  • Heavy Rail Rolling Stock
  • Transit Authorities
  • Subway Cars
  • Street Cars
  • High-Speed Train Sector
  • Maglev Trains