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Electric Motor Coil Company

"The Electric Motor Coil Company is dedicated to becoming your Motor / Generator Coil Manufacturer of choice."

Trusted Coil Manufacturing Partner to Motor / Generator OEM’s and Winding Repair Shops world-wide.

EMCC reliably manufactures the products our customer’s need. Offering fiscal flexibility, manufacturing scalability and an increased speed to market. Our Company has a reputation for consistently delivering unsurpassed quality, with the shortest lead times, at the lowest total cost. We solve our customers most complex problems – with innovation, ingenuity and efficiency.
The Electric Motor Coil Company is ISO9001:2015 certified and is located in Barrie ON Canada. Our management group offers over 30 years of experience serving the motor repair/ winding and rotating equipment industry. EMCC is the preferred supplier of Stator Coils, Traction Coils, Armature Coils, Field Coils, Wind Turbine Generator Coils, Commutators, and Slip Rings for these industries.
We provide rush order service with coil deliveries as fast as 24-hours. In addition to the stocking of Traction Coils and Winding Kits for same-day delivery. Most importantly, we are a single-source supplier. We manufacture Coils, Commutators, Slip Rings and Magnet Wire; we are not just distributors. Therefore, providing our customers with integrated solutions, lower costs, faster deliveries and better quality.

Complete Winding Kits – Saving You Time, Money, & Aggravation.


Motor Coils, Generator Coils, Stator Coils, Traction Coils, Commutators, Insulation & Winding materials.

Motor & Generator Coil Manufacturing

Built For Winders ™

Coil Manufacturer - Stator Coils

Stator Coils

The Electric Motor Coil Company is dedicated to becoming your Stator Coil Manufacturer of choice. We strive to earn your business with our performance and reliability. Our facilities are equipped with computer-controlled machines and leading-edge automation. Therefore, bringing you the highest quality coils, at the best price, with the shortest lead times.

GE 752 Traction Coils

Traction Coils

For over three decades we have serviced motor OEMs, and traction motor repair shops throughout the world. Our Traction Motor Coils are formed on automated machinery and then fitted on an actual armature. This process ensures consistent geometry and that fit & function is perfect every time.

Armature Coil

Armature Coils

EMCC offers a level of integration and expertise for both Armature Coils and Commutators that is second to none. For our customers, this means single-sourcing, you don’t have to go to multiple suppliers to get the components you require.


Field, Rotor & Interpole Coils

EMCC manufactures Field, Rotor, and Inter-pole motor coils for nearly every application. Our state-of-the-art facility can manufacture hundreds of coils for OEMs, or produce single orders custom to your requirements. In addition, we can also repair an existing set of coils to original specifications.

Kinear u=Industion Coils For Maglev - Manufacturer

Linear Induction Coils (LIM)

The Electric Motor Coil Company manufactures Back-Wound and Transposed Linear Induction Coils. Our facilities are outfitted with best-in-class automated production systems. LIM coils manufactured at EMCC exceed the highest levels of quality and are offered at globally competitive pricing. 

Generator coils manufactured for wind turbine

Wind Generator Coils

If you need it, we can build it. EMCC brings automated coil manufacturing technology to any OEM custom Wind Generator Coil. Our technicians and engineers are at the forefront of today’s coil manufacturing industry. We have the extraordinary ability to innovate and automate any project we work on. 

Commutator manufacturer

Commutator Manufacturing

Our company has over 30 years of experience building commutators. Originally manufacturing commutators as Thistle Industries Inc, now as a division of EMCC. We are an industry leader in the manufacturing of aftermarket commutators for DC electric motors. Specifically, we take great pride in our attention to detail and commutator quality. 

Slip Ring Manufacturing repair and rebuild

Slip Ring Manufacturing

The Slip rings we manufacture are used in a wide variety of applications throughout North America. Our in-house process, materials, and craftsmanship are what set us apart from the rest. For nearly 30 years, customers have come to depend on EMCC for consistent service, delivery, and quality.

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Magnet Wire Manufacturing

We Offer Customers a Wide Variety of Insulated Conductor Options That Include:

  • Bare copper wire
  • Mica tapes
  • Dacron glass, varnished
  • Daglas®
  • Polyimide defused tapes, Kapton® Apical®
  • Aromatic Polyimide tapes such as Nomex®

Magnet Wire Sales & Supply

Our rectangular magnet wire is manufactured to the latest NEMA publication standards, or specific customer required specifications.

The magnet wire we manufacture is used throughout the electrical industry. More specifically, our wire can be found in various critical performance applications, such as motors, power generators, wind turbines and power distribution transformers. 

Magnet Wire Manufacturing - Magnet Wire for Motor coils
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Coils, Commutators, Slip Rings, & Magnet Wire

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