The Industries We Serve

Power, Transportation & Process Industries

Coil Supplier To OEM's & Rotating Equipment Repair Shops World-Wide

When operations in Energy, Transportation and Process industries are shut down due to mechanical failure – the downtime costs can be immense. Therefore, motor repairs must be carried out as quickly as possible.

EMCC has the solutions you need. Whether it be a rush set of Coils, an emergency Commutator re-build, or a Winding Kit – you can count on EMCC for support. Our products have a reputation for quality and reliability – despite the extreme operational environments they are used in.

We help our customers increase operational life cycles, reduce downtime, and stay economically competitive.



Our Products Can Be Found In:

  • Power Generators
  • Large Industrial Pumps
  • Wind Turbine Generators
  • Streetcars
  • High-speed Trains
  • Blower Motors
  • Power Grid Transformers
  • Diesel Electric Locomotives
  • Industrial Fans
  • Elevators
  • Large Industrial Cranes
  • Off-Road Haul Trucks
  • Large Compressors
  • Rolling Mills
  • Aggregate grinders, and crushers
GE 752 Traction Motor Coil Manufacturer

Traction Coils manufactured to GE 752 specifications – used in off-road mining truck wheel motors and heavy rail diesel-electric trains.

stator coil supplier

Wind Generator Coils manufactured to OEM specifications.

commutator manufacturing compnay supplier winding coils

Commutator manufactured to OEM specifications – used in hydropower generation. We are trusted for our quality, service and technical support.

EMCC Magnet Wire Conductor. Manufactured to NEMA specifications – used in Power Grid Transformers, Motors and Wind Generators worldwide.

power generator slip ring collector ring

Slip Ring/Collector Ring Assembly. Manufactured to OEM specifications – used for power transfer in wind turbine generators and hydropower generators.

field coil, rotor coils manufacturing

Field coil winding repair, manufacturing and supply. Manufactured to OEM specifications – used in power generation.

Industries We Serve

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Wind Power

At EMCC, products for this sector are at the leading edge of quality and innovation. Wind generation product offerings include rotor generator coils, form wound field coils, stator generator coils, and random wound field coils. 

hydro generator coils repair wingings high voltage

Hydro Power

The equipment used in this sector must meet the highest quality standards. Applications include Hydroelectric Generators, AC and DC Motors, Pumps, Generators, and Turbines.



EMCC commutators, coils, and slip rings can be found throughout the mining industry, in large air compressor motors, drilling motors, winches, shakers, conveyors, generators, crushers, and hoists. EMCC products will allow machinery to operate longer and more reliably.


Heavy Rail – Class 1

EMCC has supplied coils to the aftermarket traction motor repair industry for over twenty years. Producing up to 70 coil sets at a time, EMCC consistently meets client needs with industry-leading delivery times. Built on a solid reputation for our quality, cost, and volume capabilities.

Mass Transit

Streetcars, Subways & Lite Commuter Trains

The Electric Motor Coil Company has extensive experience in producing coils for the transit sector. We can support everything from traction or linear induction motors to small blower motors. Keeping part quality and volume at the right price.

Steel & Metal Production

Steel production is full of harsh motor/generator environments: High Temperatures, Gases, Vapors, Coolants, Liquids, Powders & Granules.

High temperatures can decrease the lifespan of winding insulation prematurely. EMCC looks to improve life cycles by increasing the insulation and temperature resistance of the coil.

Oil & Gas

Traceability for original equipment manufacturers in this industry is of the utmost importance. EMCC provides full traceability whether it is operator serial numbers on coils, material certifications, or batch production codes. OEM’s require a specific manufacturing process focused on longevity and quality. As an ISO-registered company, EMCC only uses approved suppliers and materials.

Pulp & Paper

Electric motors are essential to the pulp and paper industry. Heavy loads, humidity, and contamination can cause unexpected breakdowns. When failures occur, EMCC has the capacity and ability to work around the clock to manufacture or service the commutators and coils you need.

Shipping & Marine

Commutators, coils, and slip rings are used throughout the shipping and marine industry in cargo vessels, cruise ships, fishing trollers, and drydock machinery. More specifically, EMCC products are located in pumps, blowers, compressors, cranes, anchors, winches, dredge motors, and synchronous generators.