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EMCC brings automated coil manufacturing technology to any OEM custom wind generator coil. EMCC technicians are at the forefront of today’s coil manufacturing industry. We have the extraordinary ability to innovate and automate any project we work on. In-house we will build our own automation, enabling you to take advantage of a customized solution that delivers all benefits of large-scale manufacturing while meeting your needs precisely. 

  • Secure supply chain
  • Stator Coil
  • Field Coil
  • Extensive Experience
  • Advanced Coil Manufacturing
  • 100% Testing on all EMCC Coils – Beyond Industry Standard
  • Automated Inspection
  • Full Traceability
  • Precision Controls and Q/C Check Point
  • Perfect Fit & Faster Installation
Rotor Pole Windings coils For Dual Fed Induction Generator

High-Volume Winding For OEM's

One of EMCC’s “value-added” supplier philosophies; “If our customers need it, we can build it”. This philosophy has significantly improved our ability to take problems faced by motor & Generator OEM’s and turn them into customized solutions.

For this reason, EMCC has an in-house winding department (specifically for OEM’s) capable of high-volume winding and repairs. EMCC has created dedicated OEM automated machinery, tooling and dedicated steel molds.

Our large-scale automated manufacturing processes, combined with duplicate production machines, ensure uninterrupted delivery of OEM coils and wound motors/ generators. (EMCC does not rewind aftermarket Motors and Generators.)

OEM Coil Manufacturing Solutions

From prototype to full-scale production – we manufacture specific to your requirements. For OEM contract coil manufacturing, we offer “dedicated” automated machinery and tooling specific to your coil run. We have the processes necessary to ensure consistent quality, delivery, and competitive costing.

Automated Coil Manufacturing

State-of-the-art Coil Manufacturing

EMCC boasts the most advanced manufacturing facilities and testing equipment. We are constantly innovating to streamline productivity, adopt technological advances, eliminate waste, and pursue lower costing to meet evolving customer needs.

The Electric Motor Coil Company has multiple automated coil manufacturing machines, such as Cut and Strip Lines, CNC 6-Axis Tapers, Flat Coil Tapers, Turn Tapers, CNC Component Shearing, Stamping, Coil Forming, and Automated Q/C Inspections.  Process Innovation includes:

  • Lean manufacturing initiatives such as 5S & 6 Sigma
  • Dedication to enhancing efficiencies, such as SCADA feedback machinery – “Visual Factory”
  • Commitment to fostering long-term OEM partnerships that enhance product quality & customer prosperity
Coil Spreader

Quality Control Documentation & Traceability

EMCC is registered through ISO 9001:2015

  • All product orders are accompanied by process documents.
  • Manufacturing in compliance with quality procedures and manuals.
  • Process documents travel with every coil through each manufacturing stage.
  • Material traceability is complete with every order.
  • Dimensional verifications are conducted throughout the production process.
  • QC stop/checkpoints during the entire manufacturing process.

Equipped with the latest instrumentation, tools, and sophisticated test equipment, our Q.C./Q.A. department is capable of accurately sampling, inspecting, and testing components to verify they conform to OEM-defined specifications.

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