Armature Coil Manufacturing & Supply

Experience The Benefits of Having a Single Source Supplier

EMCC’s level of integration and expertise in manufacturing Armature Windings, as well  Commutators is second to none. To our customers, this means single-sourcing, you don’t have to go to multiple suppliers to get the components you require. Our customers also have the assurance that all the Coils and Commutators will work together seamlessly. Wire sizes and slot sizes will fit perfectly every time.

Armature Coil

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Front-Back & Cross Connection Equalizers
  • Class F and Class H Insulation Systems
  • Varnish Treated & VPI
  • Frog Leg Armature Coils
  • Split Span Armature Coils
  • Lap Wound Armature Coils
  • Wave Wound Armature Coils
  • Commutators, Coils & Full Winding Kits
  • EMCC is registered through ISO 9001:2015
Armature Coil Winding Supplier

Coil Insulation Systems

  • Class F Varnish Treated Coil System
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
  • Class H Insulation Systems
Automated Generator Stator Coil manufacturing with crease free taping manufacturing

Wrinkle-Free Taping

Automated wrinkle-free taping for consistent insulation overlap integrity and perfectly fitting coils.

armature coil windings manufacturing

EMCC Automation Benefits

Our streamlined and automated manufacturing processes increase productivity, lower labor costs, deliver perfect coil geometry, and reduces material waste. This allows EMCC to offer lower coil costing, with better overall quality.



Armature Coils That Fit

Each Coil set that we manufacture is first developed using Computer-Aided Design, to ensure your Windings fit perfectly, every time. Whether you need one winding set or  100, you can expect exceptional Armature Coil performance and quality.

Armature Coil Supplier

Manufacturing Armature Coils & Commutators

  • We manufacture both Armature Windings and Commutators
  • Single-sourcing, saving you time, headaches and shipping costs
  • Armature Coils and Commutators will work together seamlessly
motor generator coil windings tester

Latest Testing Equipment

EMCC tests and inspects all of its armature coils using the latest technology. EMCC delivers uncompromising quality and precision with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Armature Coils on rack

Coil Management Services

At EMCC, we offer our clients custom-tailored life-cycle management solutions. By working together, we help you plan and take action, limiting unplanned operational downtime.

Expedited Manufacturing

Electric Motor Coil Company offers round-the-clock manufacturing, rapid response, and expedited services. We are fully committed to delivering you the armature windings you need. We deliver uncompromising coil quality with the best delivery times in the industry.

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