Linear Induction Motor Coils (LIM)

Better Automation, Better Pricing, Better Quality Coils.

Our experience with LIM coils gives us an in-depth understanding of where problems occur within this technology and how to resolve them before they happen. Therefore, if you are having a problem with your system – give us a call. We may already have the solution you need.

Our automated coil manufacturing process allows us to deliver coil quality, and cost, that can’t be matched through conventional production methods.


  • Back Wound LIM
  • Transposed LIM Coil
  • LIM Coils for Rapid Transit System
  • Lim Coils Used in Maglev Propulsion
Kinear u=Industion Coils For Maglev - Manufacturer

Extensive Testing

EMCC is registered through ISO 9001:2015. EMCC exposes all its Linear Induction Coils to comprehensive testing. High-quality and dependable motor coils delivered quickly, combined with attentive service is the standard you can expect.