Commutator Manufacturing & Supply

Commutators...We Do It Better.™

EMCC has over 30 years of experience manufacturing  Commutators, first as Thistle Industries Inc and now as a division of EMCC. We are an industry-leading supplier of aftermarket Commutators for DC electric motors. We take great pride in our attention to detail and quality. EMCC/Thistle Industries continuously delivers high-quality Commutators with responsive customer service. We manufacture Commutators to the highest industry standards for reliable operation in the harshest and most punishing environments. Our Commutators are shipped globally and are used extensively in the Mass Transit, Power Generation, Mining, Steel Production, and Pulp and Paper industries.

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Commutator Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Rebuild to OEM specifications, Re-fill, or build Complete New
  • Commutator Repair or Re-insulate (where applicable)
  • Sizes from 3″ to 60″ in diameter
  • Lap Joints, Inserted risers
  • Various Customized Slots
  • Cooling Holes, Venting, Keyways
  • Bolted, Stepped Bores, Balancing Plates
  • Molded Commutator Conversions
  • V-Ring Commutators
  • Glass Banded Commutators
  • External Shrink Ring Commutators
  • Quantities from 1 – to unlimited
  • Complete Winding Kits with Commutators
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Solutions For Planned Outages
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Fastest Turnaround Times
  • Delivery Worldwide
Commutator rebuild refill manufacture and supply
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Comprehensive Commutator Solutions

Full In-House Machine Shop

Whether repairing, replacing complete new, we have the machining capabilities to get the job done right. This includes broaching keyways, threading, welding (arc, mig, & tig), boring & milling, cooling holes, vented bores, and stepped bores. Our machines range from boring mills, lathes, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, broaching machines, automated shearing, brazing, to burn-out ovens.

Commutator Manufacturing

Perfectly Fitting V-rings

Mica v-rings used on our Commutator Manufacturing process. Mica V-Rings can be one-piece or two-piece construction. Mica V-Rings electrically insulate the copper assembly from the steel hub. Mica V-Rings are manufactured in various shapes and sizes.

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Commutator Stocking

Maximizing rotating equipment usage & utilization is the secret to maintaining profitability in continuous process industries.

Therefore, at EMCC, we offer custom-tailored life-cycle management solutions. The procurement and production stages are expedited in advance. We help you speed up maintenance and repair times. By planning and working together – we proactively take action against unplanned operational downtime.

Copper Inventory

We hold large inventories of High Silver Content Alloy 116 Copper Bar stock used for all our Commutators. We stock a wide variety of thicknesses and widths that allow us to quickly manufacture commutators in sizes ranging from 3″ to 60″ in diameter.

30+ Years Experience

As of 2016, EMCC became the parent company of Thistle Industries Inc. All of Thistle Industries employees are still with the company – some from the very beginning 30 years ago. We have a wealth of experience manufacturing commutators. We can build to OEM specifications, rebuild, or re-fill commutators as required.

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24/7 Manufacturing

When that call comes in – we are here to help at a moment’s notice. Costs associated with unplanned downtime can be immense. For this reason, The Electric Motor Coil Company offers 24/7 Emergency Service to our valued clients. We are fully committed to getting you the quality motor and generator coils/windings you need -with the fastest emergency turn around times in the industry.

State-of-the-art Commutator Manufacturing