Inserted Riser Commutators

Manufacturing Commutators With All Riser Types

Commutators with inserted risers can often be found in large to very large high-power DC Generators and Motors. At EMCC we can repair, re-insulate or re-engineer your Inserted Riser Commutator. 

Inserted risers are generally comprised of flat copper strips with a high silver content and come in various shapes and lengths, depending on the application it’s used for. Commutator Riser styles and shapes can be customized to suit winding/coil leads. Each riser is fit into a notch or slot machined into each of the commutator segments. Each riser strip is then brazed or T.I.G welded into place.

V-ring, glass banded, and external shrink ring commutators can all have inserted risers. Commutators with inserted risers are often less desirable than commutators with solid risers because of their susceptibility to stresses and vibrations within the motor or generator. However, in many circumstances, because of the extremely long risers, they are the most viable and economical solution. In some cases, insulated spacers and or braided rope with a thermosetting resinous material may need to be installed. This will provide an increase in resistance to stress without increasing the mass of the riser.

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Commutator Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Re-fill or Complete New
  • Commutator Repair or Re-insulate (where applicable)
  • Commutators from 3″ to 60″ in diameter
  • Lap Joints & Inserted risers
  • Cooling Holes, Venting, & Keyways.
  • Bolted, Stepped Bores, Balancing Plates
  • All Inserted Riser Types
  • Glass Banded Commutators w/ Inserted Risers
  • Seasoned and 100% Tested
  • Technical Support Staff
  • High Silver Content Alloy 116 Copper Bar Material
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Fastest Turnaround Times
  • Delivery Worldwide

Emergency Commutator Repair Services

When failures occur, EMCC has the capacity and ability to work around the clock to manufacture or service the Inserted Riser Commutators and Coils you need. Our 24/7 state-of-the-art production capability allows EMCC to deliver unmatched quality, with the best turnaround times in the industry. 

Inserted Riser Profiles

Comprehensive Commutator Solutions


Copper Segment Profile

Above is the profile of a typical copper Bar /Segment of a V-Bound / V-Ring Style Commutator with a double inserted type riser. Each inserted riser strip is either brazed with silver solder, Tig welded or riveted into place. Silver solder is the industry’s preferred method.  This process happens before the assembly of the copper mica segments.

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Rebuilding & Refilling

EMCC specializes in the rebuilding and refilling of Inserted Riser Commutators. We have been manufacturing Commutators for large industrial motors for over 35 years. Our commutators are in critical rotating equipment around the world from power generation, mass transit, to elevators.

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