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Form Wound Stator Windings Supplier

The Electric Motor Coil Company is dedicated to becoming your Stator Coil / Windings manufacturer of choice.

Our leading-edge automation and technology increases our Coil manufacturing productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality. Therefore, resulting in better Stator Coils and unmatched cost competitiveness.

Time is valuable and customers depend on quick solutions. You need a Stator Windings supplier you can depend on. This is why we have same-day quoting, and 24/7 Stator Coil Manufacturing.


  • Magnet Wire Meets All ANSI/NEMA MW Standards
  • VPI Dip or Bake
  • Stator Coils up to 6900 VAC
  • Rotor Bars and Wound Rotors
  • Class F Varnish Treated Insulation Systems
  • Class H Insulation Systems
  • Stator Traction Coils Available
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Rotor pole Stator coils
Stator Coils in Crate
Stator coils on Rack
Wound Generator Stator with Windings

Coil Insulation Systems

  • Class F Varnish Treated Coil System
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
  • Class H Insulation Systems
motor generator coil manufacturing and supply

Wrinkle-Free Taping

Our machinery is outfitted with automated – electronically controlled tape tension, tape angle, overlapping and revolution speed capabilities. Therefore, producing wrinkle free coil taping that delivers consistent insulation overlap, electrical integrity, and perfectly fitting coils.

computer operated coil manufacturing machinery

EMCC Automation

Our Sate-Of-The-Art machinery enables us to deliver:

  • Coil production scalability
  • Increased productivity
  • More efficient use of raw materials
  • Better coil quality
  • Reduced lead times
  • Lower overall costing

EMCC has multiple automated coil machines; such as:  Cut and Strip Lines, CNC 6-Axis Tapers, Flat Coil Tapers, Turn Tapers, CNC Component Shearing, Stamping, Coil forming, and automated inspections.

Perfectly Fitting Coils

Each stator winding set that we manufacture is first developed using computer-aided design. This process ensures windings fit perfectly, every time, whether you need one or 100 sets. 

motor coils - Large Rotor

In-House Machine Shop

EMCC has CNC mills, CNC lathes, plasma cutters, welders, and skilled machinists that allow us to build the size and types of Motor – Generator Coils / Windings that many other suppliers simply cannot.

testing motor generator windings and coils

Coil Testing

EMCC exposes all its Stator Windings to rigorous and extensive testing above and beyond industry standards, resulting in the highest quality product delivered and complete customer satisfaction. Every Coil Winding is 100% tested.

manufactured stator coil winding in box

Coil Management Services

At EMCC, we offer our clients custom-tailored life-cycle management solutions. By working together, we help you plan and take action, limiting unplanned operational downtime.

24/7 Stator Coil Manufacturing

We are tooled-up and ready to manufacture the windings you need at a moment’s notice. Operational downtime is expensive, this is why The Electric Motor Coil Company offers 24/7 Emergency Service. We are fully committed to getting you the high-quality stator windings you need – with the fastest emergency turnaround times in the industry.

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