EMCC Coil Manufacturing

Coils For Winding Repair Shops & Large Volume Motor / Generator OEM's

The Electric Motor Coil company manufactures coils specifically for aftermarket winding repair shops and large volume Motor and Generator OEMs worldwide.

EMCC operates out of a 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art factory with a fully equipped testing laboratory on site. EMCC has automotive industry-type strengths; such as low-cost lean manufacturing,  labor efficiency models, and automated processes. We have a highly skilled and experienced work-force, combined with a proven manufacturing methodology; designed to reduce cost, raise quality and ensure on-time delivery. We have extensive capabilities spanning a large variety of applications. We are committed to finishing every project on time, on budget and to the highest standards of quality. We offer the responsive services that you would expect from a world-class provider.

Our Values

  • Go Above and Beyond Expectations
  • Advance Continuously
  • Honor our Commitments
  • Hold Ourselves Accountable
  • Invest in the Mission, Vision and People
  • Pursue the Technical

Coil Capabilities

  • Automated Manufacturing Process
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Resin Rich & VPI Coils
  • High Volume OEM Coils
  • Coils /Windings for Rewind Shops
  • Crease-Free Automated Taping
  • Perfectly Fitting Coils Guaranteed
  • Same Day Quoting
  • Most Economically Competitive
  • On-Time Deliveries Shipped Globally

High-Volume Motor / Generator Winding Specifically For OEM's

One of EMCC’s “value-added” supplier philosophies; “If our customers need it, we can build it”. This philosophy has significantly improved our ability to take problems faced by motor & Generator OEMs and turn them into customized solutions.

For this reason, EMCC has an in-house winding department (specifically for OEM’s) capable of high-volume winding and repairs. EMCC has created dedicated OEM automated machinery, tooling and dedicated steel molds.

Our large-scale automated manufacturing processes, combined with duplicate production machines, ensure uninterrupted delivery of OEM coils and wound motors/ generators. EMCC does not wind or rewind aftermarket Motors and Generators.

Wind turbine generator windings manufacturer
wind generator windings manufacturuer

Motor & Generator Coil Manufacturing

Built For Winders ™

Coil Manufacturer - Stator Coils

Stator Coils

The Electric Motor Coil Company is dedicated to becoming your Stator Coil supplier of choice. We use leading-edge automation and technological advancements to serve you better.

GE 752 Traction Coils

Traction Coils

The Electric Motor Coil Company services motor OEM’s and traction motor repair shops throughout the world. Our Traction Motor Coils are developed on an actual armature to ensure that the fit and function of every coil is perfect.

Armature Coil

Armature Coils

EMCC’s level of integration and expertise on both armature coils and commutators is second to none. To our customers, this means single-sourcing, you don’t have to go to multiple suppliers to get the components you require.


Field, Rotor & Interpole Coils

EMCC manufactures Field, Rotor, and Inter-pole motor coils for nearly every application. Our state-of-the-art facility can manufacture hundreds of coils for OEMs, produce single orders custom to your requirements, or repair an existing set of coils to original specifications.

Kinear u=Industion Coils For Maglev - Manufacturer

Linear Induction Coils

The Electric Motor Coil Company manufactures Back Wound and Transposed LIM coils using best-in-class automated production systems. LIM coils manufactured at EMCC exceed the highest levels of quality and are offered at globally competitive pricing. 

Generator coils manufactured for wind turbine

Wind Generator Coils

If you need it, we can build it. EMCC brings automated coil manufacturing technology to any OEM custom wind turbine coil. EMCC technicians and engineers are at the forefront of today’s coil manufacturing industry. We have the extraordinary ability to innovate and automate any project we work on. 


EMCC Coil Test Lab

EMCC has extensive in-house coil testing capabilities. EMCC has invested in the latest state-of-the-art monitoring equipment that allows us to deliver unmatched coil performance and reliability. Testing capabilities include a 5-bay high voltage endurance testing cell, elongation testing, and hardness testing.

coil endurance testing
Generator and Motor coil testing equipment


State-Of-The-Art Coil Manufacturing

EMCC boasts the most advanced coil manufacturing facilities and testing equipment. We are constantly innovating to streamline productivity, adopt technological advances, eliminate waste, and pursue lower costing to meet evolving customer needs.

The Electric Motor Coil Company has multiple automated coil manufacturing machines, such as Cut and Strip Lines, CNC 6-Axis Tapers, Flat Coil Tapers, Turn Tapers, CNC Component Shearing, Stamping, Coil Forming, Inspection Laboratory, Automated Q/C Inspections, Endurance Test Lab, and Magnet Wire Manufacturing.


Quality Assurance

Best-In-Class Coil Manufacturing Company.

EMCC is dedicated to operational excellence, we are relentless in the never-ending pursuit of finding ways to improve quality, performance, and cost.

To ensure the highest quality, each coil undergoes a strict quality control process from pre-production to final shipping.

Equipped with the latest instrumentation, tools, and sophisticated test equipment, our Q.C./Q.A. department is capable of accurately sampling, inspecting, and testing components to verify they conform to OEM-defined specifications.