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The Winding Industries We Serve

When operations in sectors such as marine, mining, heavy rail, or power generation are shut down due to mechanical failure, repairs must be carried out as quickly as possible. EMCC has provided solutions for problems across several industries, whether it be rush coils, emergency commutator repair, slip ring re-engineering, or complete winding of generators. Whether it is an OEM or winding repair company, EMCC products and repairs help to keep operations running smoothly. EMCC products can be found in applications such as generators, pumps, wind turbines, streetcars, high-speed trains, fans, compressors, rolling mills, grinders, and crushers, amongst many other industrial applications.
EMCC products play an important role in the industries its clients serve. Customers need products they can count on, despite the extreme operational environments they are used in. EMCC's goal is to help increase operational life-cycles, reduce downtime, and stay economically competitive. Let us know how we can make an impact on your operations.