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Mining Industry

The Mining industry of today, like other continuous process industries, requires critical attention to innovation, capital cost, mine performance, mine operations, and maintenance. Efficiency and effectiveness play a huge role in the continued transfer of goods from one location to the next. Keep machines running longer, with less repair by using the best products.
EMCC Products
EMCC offers on-site technical support, product stocking, and best-in-industry lead times. Manufacturing coils, commutators, and slip rings needed to repair motors, generators, stators, rotors, and armatures.
EMCC commutators, coils, and slip rings can be found throughout the mining industry in large air compressor motors, drilling motors, winches, shakers, conveyors, generators, crushers, and hoists. EMCC products will allow machinery to operate longer and more reliably.
Service Industries
Open-pit, surface, and underground mining which include: Nickel, Coal, Copper, Iron ore, and Aggregates.
24/7 Emergency Repairs
When failures occur, EMCC has the capacity and ability to work around the clock to manufacture or service the commutators and coils you need. 24/7 production capability allows EMCC to deliver unmatched quality, with the best turnaround times in the industry. Often, coils within 24-hours and commutators between 24-48 hours.