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Hydro & Wind Power

Electric Motor Coil Company's products can be found in various global power generation industries in the form of DC generators, stators, and rotors. Whether it's a dual fed induction generator for a wind turbine, a legacy synchronous unit for a 60-year-old hydro plant, or an OEM supplier for wind turbines, EMCC can supply the coils you need.
Hydroelectric Power Generation
Hydroelectric power plants continue to be the number one renewable source for electricity generation globally. Like with any viable energy source, reliability and performance are principles at the foundation of daily operations. The equipment used in this sector must meet the highest quality standards. Applications include Hydroelectric Generators, AC and DC Motors, Pumps, Generators, and Turbines.
Wind Energy - On Shore & Off Shore
The increasing demand for reliable, cost-effective electricity, and the accelerated global warming attributed to fossil fuel consumption have made wind turbines and renewable energy sources a vital component of future energy solutions. At EMCC, products for this sector are at the leading edge of quality and innovation. Wind generation product offerings include rotor generator coils, form wound field coils, stator generator coils, and random wound field coils. Contact EMCC today to find out further information on our in-house winding department or product capabilities.
Wind farms, in many cases become isolated and restricted to harsh environments. This presents challenges for both access and repair. If wind power generation is to remain a viable energy source, it is imperative to use the highest quality and most reliable materials. Coils used in wind turbine generators are critical. This means, for long-term operation, the coils EMCC manufactures are produced within the most stringent of standards.
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