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Field, Interpole, & Rotor Coils

EMCC manufactures Field, Rotor, and Inter-pole motor coils for nearly every application. Our state-of-the-art facility can manufacture hundreds of coils for OEM's, produce single orders custom to your requirements, or repair an existing set of coils to original specifications.
The Electric Motor Coil Company has cranes and automated pull/loop machinery in place to manufacture large coil sets and salient poles. Our quality control process ensures compression and makes sure every coil is perfect and fully cured under pressure. We built steel forms, instead of plywood forms to ensure exacting measurements and that every coil is the same.
  • Shunt Wound Field Coils
  • Series Field Coils
  • Interpole Coils
  • Push Through Rotor Coils
  • Two Turn Rotor Coils
  • Re-build Edge-wound Coils
  • Salient Poles
Testing & Quality Assurance
EMCC exposes all products to rigorous and extensive testing above and beyond the industry standard. This ensures a high-quality product is delivered quickly, with excellent service and complete customer satisfaction. Every coil is 100% tested. Dielectric testing is performed to verify the electrical insulation of all finished parts. The Hipot or Bar to Bar test verifies that the insulation of products is sufficient to ensure minimal current leakage.
Dimensional checks are conducted at QC stop/checkpoints during the entire coil manufacturing process. Equipped with the latest instrumentation, tools, and sophisticated test equipment, our Q.C./Q.A. department is capable of accurately sampling, inspecting, and testing components to assure that they conform to OEM—defined specifications.
Process documents travel with every coil through each manufacturing stage right through to delivery. EMCC coils are manufactured in compliance with our strict quality procedures and manuals, including material traceability.
24/7 Emergency Service
When failures occur, EMCC has the capacity and ability to work around the clock to manufacture or service the commutators and coils you need. 24/7 production capability allows EMCC to deliver unmatched quality, with the best turnaround times in the industry. Often, coils within 24-hours and commutators between 24-48 hours.